A few weeks ago I saw Zero Dark Thirty. Before all three of you who read this roll your eyes, I’m not going to enter the history vs. Hollywood debate.  I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was well done and that’s really all I’m going to say about it. It did bring back a memory though.

I graduated from college with a degree in International Studies. One of the options I looked at after graduation was applying for the CIA. I looked at their application process and totally chickened out, but it was a career I thought would be exciting.

The movie made me wonder what might have happened if I’d gone in to the CIA. On the one hand, I think it would have been fun for me. I love to travel. I love to learn bits and pieces of other languages. (I can say “Hello clown” in Spanish and “Right on” in Russian.) I love to meet people from other countries.

I’m fascinated by world history and world politics. I have a ridiculous memory when it comes to remembering facts and stories. I read huge books on European history on purpose. I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor, but I have been known to argue with the History Channel on occasion.

On the other hand, I feel bad when I scold my cats and hurt their feelings, so there’s no way I could deliberately hurt someone during an interrogation.

I love conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries. You know, stories like “Did Elvis really shoot JFK?” and “Are aliens producing all of our advanced technology at Area 51?”.  I don’t think the CIA would encourage my interest in cases like these. And since they would know I was interested in these topics I doubt I would ever get enough clearance in the agency to access the records on them anyway.

Granted, I wouldn’t be dumb enough to post a picture on Facebook of myself with Ooga Booga where he crash landed in Roswell before going to work at Area 51, but I would want to meet him.

Yes,  for a week or so I thought it would be great fun to work for the CIA, and find out the truth about so many different issues I’ve read about. But I’m glad I never applied after all.

I’ve come to realize that half the fun of exploring these topics is that most of us don’t know the truth. I enjoy the chase. I like to read different opinions. Sometimes I think the writer is right on and other times I wonder if maybe they just arrived from another planet themselves, but I enjoy them all. I like discussing these topics with others, from die-hard skeptics to believers. So knowing the truth would suck all the fun out of the exploration.

I’m content to continue as an explorer.