Dear Grandpa Hank,

It’s been a couple of months since we lost you, but we all miss you. I think of you often. Anytime I use the Cubs glass that we always gave you to use for Sunday dinners I think of you. (Thanks for not breaking it Mr. Sox Fan.)

I think of you anytime we make potatoes on the grill, because they will forever be known as Hank’s potatoes.

I think of you during baseball season. I still root for the Cubbies over the Sox. You never did manage to convert any of us, did you?

I think of you when Dancing With the Stars is on, and I remember having to record it when you were in the hospital so you wouldn’t miss any of the episodes.

I remember showing you how to use David’s iPod, and thinking that we were going to have to go get you one.

I remember getting Grandma a cell phone so we could find you guys when you ditched dinner at the apartments and went out, and it makes me smile.

I think of you when I take pictures, and feel like a slacker. Into your nineties you printed pictures with your digital camera, and I never seem to get around to printing mine.

I love how you were interested in new technology, and not afraid of it. I’m still kind of surprised we never had to take you shopping for your own iPhone or laptop. I’m sure you could have learned to use both.

I still wear the black watch with the flowers and rhinestones exactly like the one you bought from me over dinner. I went and got another one. I never thought you’d keep the first one! But it’s okay. It reminds me of you, and makes me smile.

Most of all, I remember how happy Grandma was with you. I don’t think she would have been able to stay at those apartments if she hadn’t met you. It doesn’t matter that we weren’t related by a blood test. You were family, and I am sure we will always think of you that way.