Most people love a good mystery.  The mystery I am currently a part of includes an ill-fitting white suit, double agents, and a kidnapped octopus. A group of bloggers are writing the story together as a round robin. Each of us will do a small section of the story. The only rule is that each writer has to pick up where the last one left off.  It was started by the creative Laird Sapir, and you can find the first entry here. Laird is also keeping a list of the writers and the links to each person’s blog entry here. And now it’s my turn. So here goes!

When we last saw them, Braden had stuffed poor Ninja in a body bag and Simon had gone off to use the restroom.

Ninja squirmed in the body bag, trying to find a more comfortable position. After a few minutes, he gave up and settled for trying to jab Braden in the leg with his tentacles. Ninja wished again that Simon would let him get an iPad, or at least an iPhone. It would come in really handy in situations such as this. He couldn’t speak, but he could type and send text messages. He communicated with Simon using a laptop at home. Ninja also enjoyed playing Angry Birds, but had left that out of his discussions with Simon.

He also hoped that Simon wasn’t dumb enough to follow Braden’s instructions and had set off after them immediately instead of crying in the bathroom. He probably could have escaped on his own, but with no GPS device he was afraid to try in case he was not near water. Ninja wasn’t very fast on land. The humans who had altered him to his present state of being had forgotten to improve that area.

Out of frustration, he jabbed Braden hard in the leg. This time he got a response.

“Hang in there, Ninj,” Braden said. “We are almost to our destination.”

Ninja jabbed Braden again. He hated to be called Ninj.

“I apologize, Ninja,” Braden said. “I forgot. Anyway. We are almost there and I have a whirlpool tub all set up for you to use while we wait for Simon.”

After what seemed like a long time, Ninja heard a door open, then a second door. His bag got set on a hard surface, and he heard water start running. Braden opened the canvas bag, and after a minute Ninja cautiously ventured out. He was in a large bathroom, complete with two sinks and a massaging shower. He turned to look behind him and saw a large tub with the faucet turned on.

He glanced at Braden, who smiled at him.

“Go ahead,” Braden said. “You can get in. I put the jets on gentle, but I’ll show you how to adjust them. Then you can be comfortable while we wait for Simon. I hope he doesn’t wait more than an hour before coming after you. The timing will be close if we are to convince Mr. Jones that you both escaped.”

While Braden was talking, Ninja had climbed in the whirlpool tub. He decided he liked the jets. Braden showed him the controls for the tub,  but he chose to leave them on the gentle setting. Ninja still didn’t trust Braden, but he had to admit that this was a nice place to be held hostage.  He would play complacent captive and see how events played out. If nothing else, he might be able to find out if he and Simon could trust Braden. He figured he could always escape later if necessary.

Meanwhile, back in his own bathroom, Simon got up off the toilet, took a deep breath, and went to change clothes and gather his wand and other equipment. He wasn’t sure that Braden was truly on his side, and wanted to be ready for anything.

Thus ends my contribution to the round robin. For the next installment, check out Ellen Gregory’s blog right here. This has been a lot of fun so far, and I know I’m excited to see what the rest of the writers do with the story.