I recently discovered the myWANA hashtag group on Twitter. Actually, I’d seen it for a while and wondered what it was. I recently got over myself and posted a note on Twitter, using the hashtag and asking what it is. What I found is an awesome group of writers who hang out and encourage each other over Twitter, using the myWANA hashtag. I’m not going to go into tons of detail about it here but if you’re curious about #myWANA check out Kristin Lamb’s blog at http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com.

As I spent time reading the myWANA posts, I saw another hashtag group, ROW80. ROW80 is a writing challenge where each participant sets personal daily writing goals and sends a progress report to the larger group twice a week. They do the challenge four times a year, with a break between sessions. They’re currently on session three, but it just started and I’m told it’s not too late to jump on board, so I’m going to go for it.

I’m a little nervous, because I’ve never been a big goals oriented kind of person. I did the four-year plan in high school and college because they made me. Once the plans were approved I never saw them again. I’ve occasionally set goals for myself, but I tend to forget about them. I’m going to try again.

I’ve set myself a goal of writing 200 words a day. It doesn’t seem like much to me, but commuting to work makes for long days and I’m usually pretty wiped out when I do finally get home. I’d rather start off small. It’s flexible enough that if I find this goal is too easy I can always increase it later. I’m working on a novel that takes place in Gettysburg, so I’m excited to spend the next 70 or so days there, because I haven’t been there in person for two years.

Wish me well, and please feel free to ask me how it’s going.