I’ve had a lot happen since I last posted. My bruises from the accident are mostly gone. I have one or two stubborn little spots that insist on lingering, but they’re on their way out. I haven’t had nightmares or anything like that. No fear for me!

 I got an apartment. I understand now why Jeff Foxworthy once said that his first singles apartment was the closest he had ever been to being homeless. I’m not there, but I won’t have real furniture for another week or so, so it feels kind of weird in here. I do appreciate the patio chairs my aunt gave me though. =)

I’ve started taking public transportation to work. Beats being stuck in traffic on the Black Canyon Highway every day.  I’m kind of bad in that I sit on the bus as it cruises down the HOV lane and giggle at the cars that are stuck in traffic. The bus is more like an airline coach bus so it’s nice too.

I’ve gotten totally pathetic when it comes to the weather. It’s been chilly and rainy here for the last day or so and I wore a winter sweater to work. The kind of sweater I used to wear at home in the dead of winter. When it was 25 or 30 degrees outside. It’s been around 70 degrees here and I’m freezing. Feel free to leave snide comments below. =)

I’ve heard it said for years that obedience brings a blessing. I smiled and nodded when people said this to me because I believed it but I never took it real seriously until I moved here. It wasn’t totally my idea to come out here, see. I wanted to go to Gettysburg, but they weren’t hiring. I feel like God sent me here, and every step has been amazing. I got a job after a month, in a “bad” economy. I got my apartment for a decent amount less than they’re charging people now. My cable company totally screwed up my order so I get free HD DVR for three months. (Is it bad that I’m almost happy they screwed up?) Okay, that last one wasn’t a blessing until they told me about the three months free thing… I’ve found a good church, right down the street from my apartment. I’ve made a new group of friends. It seems like every step I take works out great and I’m in a constant state of amazement. Was it risky? Yep. But I’d take the leap again because it’s been a great adventure. If you feel like you’re being called to take a risk in some area, GO FOR IT.